VoIP Telephone Solutions

Connect your team and customers

Boasting business-grade calls that unify your phone service organisation-wide, there are so many reasons to transition your business to 3CX VoIP telephone communications system.

Most importantly, VoIP phone systems are so much more flexible than traditional landlines, meaning you can make calls from your laptop, smartphone, or desk phone through the same number. With a VoIP system, you don’t need an extra work phone either, since VoIP numbers can be connected through your personal phone without affecting your personal number!

Why transition to 3CX, VoiP telephone solutions?


Employees can easily hotdesk or work from home, or elsewhere, and take calls as if in the office, and transfer calls within the office or even from Sydney to Melbourne to Perth in seconds.


Clients can call one central business number and multiple team members’ devices can ring simultaneously on their desk phones, browser, or from the 3CX App installed on their phones.


Start small and let’s grow together.  3CX scales effortlessly with your business.

Relocate with ease

Move offices effortlessly without the need to worry about transferring your landline number.


Easily program an auto attendant, hunt groups, music on hold, call queuing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and voicemail to email services.


3CX not only eliminates the need for you to issue your team with work mobile phones but is cost-effective compared to traditional landline charges.

Communicate from anywhere in the world

As your team can handle calls and messages from their internet browser, desk phone, or the 3CX App, VoIP solutions powered by 3CX eliminate the administrative headaches of a remote workforce.

Your team can effortlessly collaborate and communicate with one another, and with clients quickly and efficiently.