Call Flow Configuration, Setup & Management

State of the art call management system

means more happy customers, sales, and better reviews!

The beauty of a VoIP communication system powered by 3CX is that complex and advanced call flows can be designed, just like your own call center, using a simple drag-and-drop call flow designer tool.

And to ensure that no calls are missed you can program call queues to individual team members or groups, use advanced queue strategies, and hunt groups, with agents answering calls from anywhere, in the office or remotely.

In addition, call-back options can be programmed for busy times, as well as call recording for staff training purposes.

Nurture every call

Auto Attendant

Sometimes called a virtual receptionist, an auto attendant can be programmed into your 3CX system so that calls can be directed to other extensions, without the use of an operator.

Hunt Groups

A hunt group is an innovative 3CX feature that allows you to program who, and how, calls are received by your company to ensure they are picked up as quickly as possible. 

Music on Hold

In the case where you do have to place your customers on hold, entertain, engage, and drive sales with customised on-hold music or messages from your brand with one click.

IVR's (Interactive Voice Response)

Gather valuable information from callers and direct them exactly where they need to go through their keypad or voice response.  

Call Queueing

Easily set up call queues so that your team can take calls when they are available, or set up ‘ring groups’ so that calls ring multiple phones concurrently.

Overflow call-back

In the case where all team members are busy, you can also program a call-back option as overflow during busy times, avoiding long wait times for your callers. 

Never miss a call again!

The beauty of a VoIP communication system powered by 3CX is the versatility of how it can be used by your company. 

Hunt groups can be

  • Simultaneous, where all team members’ phones ring at the same time
  • Regular, where one number is called, but if this number is busy or the phone goes unanswered, the call goes to the second phone number, and so on.
  • Uniform or “Longest Idle” call where the call is sent to the phone which has been idle or unused the longest or
  • Circular is where the first call rings a phone you specify, and the next call rings the second phone in the group, and so on throughout the phones available. Once all phones are used, it commences again with the first line.