What is hosting a phone network?

VoIP phone systems powered by 3CX are a cloud-based communication solution, meaning that instead of your phones connecting via a landline, they connect via a server over the internet.

Because VoIP solutions are cloud-based, you do not need a server room in your office, or telephone wires connecting your phones. Your telephone system is virtual and hosted through an internet connection. 

 When you transition your landline phones or PBX systems to a VoIP phone system powered by 3CX, Section Communications takes care of all hosting requirements and maintenance as part of your plan.   So you can rest easy knowing your communication system will continue to work as hard as you do.

VoIP/3CX vs Landline


Landline phone systems are subject to outages from weather, power outages and wire cuts, and can take some time to resolve.  As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can use VoIP.

Global or Interstate savings

Calls made over the internet are free as they simply require an internet connection.   Therefore you avoid costly long-distance calls per minute rates associated with traditional landline long-distance calls. 


Cloud VoIP systems such as 3CX must meet stringent security standards. Where old phone lines and traditional PBX systems could be exploited, call encryption is now standard in VoIP systems as and data exchanged between SIP phones and cloud PBX are encrypted.


Call quality is another important reason why our clients switch to VoIP.  Higher call quality is made possible through advancements in audio codecs in recent years, meaning it is possible to hear a wider range of sound in every call. 

Moving to the cloud is easier than you think

System Communications has been helping customers move to the cloud for nearly 10 years, and we’ve worked with many start-ups, as well as established small and medium enterprises across Melbourne.

We use VoIP 3CX accross all Section Group businesses.

But we understand that upgrading your phone system can feel daunting.  Our onboarding team ensures that everything goes smoothly, and along with extensive team training as part of your package, we ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible.