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What We Do

Technology is making fast and effective communication more integral to successful businesses every single day. From emails to ticketing systems to online chat channels, we will help you set up fast and effective communication networks no matter your business type or size. 

VoIP Telephone Solutions

VoIP Telephones are one way to structure a businesses communications, where phone calls are made over the internet instead of traditional land lines. Our VoIP telephone solutions, powered by 3CX are cheaper, more flexible, and more reliable than traditional landlines.

Team Training

Having an effective phone system set up is a good start, but it will only benefit your business if everyone knows how to use it. That is why one of our certified technitiatians will train you and your team on how to use your new phone system to its full potential.

Call Flow Configuration, Setup & Management

As new employees start and old employees leave, staff need to be added and removed from your phone system to keep it up to date. Our technitians will help you set up and remove employees from your VoIP phone system, as well as configure calls to the right numbers to ensure communication stays smooth.

Voice Recording

Voice recording for your call flow can be a little daunting, which is why we’ve got you covered. We have a male and female team member ready to record the messages for you. We develop a script with you, and then we do the rest.


Since VoIP phone systems operate over the internet, a hosting provideer is needed for them to operate. Section Communications will host it for you, which means if you have any phone issues or changes you want made, you only have the one team you have to call. Simple!

Stand out from your competitors

Reliable and tailored communication systems

We understand that communication systems are the last thing you want to break, since ineffective communication can drastically slow and even halt production.

That is why our team specialise in installing and configuring VoIP phone systems powered by 3CX. Since these phone systems make calls over the internet, they experience far less outages than traditional phones, are more cost effective and can be better tailored to different business structures than traditional phones.

Why use a VoIP telephone system?

Phone systems are a vital part of any business’ setup, but choosing the right one can be difficult and time-consuming as there are many factors to consider.

VoIP telephone systems are one such system that we’ve found to work extremely well for businesses. These telephone systems make calls over the internet instead of through traditional landlines, which makes them cheaper, more customizable, and more reliable than their traditional telephone counterparts. Phone numbers can also be connected, disconnected, and transferred between different employees a lot easier and quicker through a VoIP telephone network compared to traditional telephones.

VoIP phones are also a lot more flexible, meaning you can make calls from your laptop, smartphone, or desk phone through the same number. With a VoIP system you don’t need an extra work phone either, since VoIP numbers can be connected through your personal phone without affecting your personal number!

24/7 customer service

We understand that communications issues don’t always occur during the typical 9-5. That’s why our Melbourne-based team is always on-call and available to provide IT support when you need it, whether that be remote or on-site support.

When you identify a problem, one easy phone call allows our support team remote access to your IT systems to fix your problem quickly and efficiently.  Or, if needed, we will send one of our expert technicians to fix the issue at your workplace.

Our team is laser-focused on delivering the fastest support possible to get your systems back up and running faster.

Communications solutions for any business

We understand that knowing your businesses communications could be better but not knowing how to get there can be frustrating.

That’s why our team of experts will work with you to find the best communications solution for your business, taking into account your business type, your communication needs, any budget requirements and a range of other criteria to find a solution that works for you and your business.